EOC 2006 World Cup


Bulletin 2

IOF World Cup 2006
European Orienteering Championships 2006

Otepää, Estonia
6 - 14 May 2006

Invitation - July 2005

Welcome to European OC 2006 and World Cup Events

The Organising Committee, the organising orienteering clubs and the Estonian Orienteering Federation are delighted to be the hosts for the 6th European Orienteering Championships and World Cup events in Otepää, Estonia from 6 to 14 May 2006. We are looking forward to welcome all the friends of orienteering in Otepää.

Leho Haldna
President of the Estonian Orienteering Federation

Host cities


The first traces of human activity in Otepää region date back to the 6th B.C. The oldest archeological findings from Otepää Hill date back to the same era. Otepää region has been permanently populated since the 6th -7th century A.C. Otepää was first mentioned in written documents in 1116 when a fortress in the shape of a head of a bear was built here. Otepää developed into the second fortified centre of the ancient Ugandi County after Tartu.

Nowadays Otepää is called a winter capital of Estonia, being a place of active relaxation, sport activities and entertainment. There are Worldloppet Tartu Marathon and FIS World Cup Cross-Country events held in Otepää.


Tartu is a University town and city of good thoughts. The first written records of Tartu date from 1030. Today Tartu is the second largest city of Estonia lying 185 kilometres south of Tallinn. Tartu is also the centre of Southern Estonia. The Emajõgi River, which connects the two largest lakes of Estonia, flows for the length of 10 kilometres within the city limits and adds colour to the city.


Event Director: Margus Sarap
Secretary: Meelike Pandis
Assistant and Financial Director: Arvo Kivikas
Chief Maper and head of course setting: Madis Oras
IT Director: Tarmo Klaar
Media Director: Veiko Ulp


IOF Advisor: Lars Forsberg (SWE)
EOF Controller: Leho Haldna

Program of EuOC 2006 and World Cup

Friday 05.05 Pühajärve Accreditation and Accommodation
Saturday 06.05 Pühajärve Accreditation and Accommodation
Opening of Event Centre in Pühajärve
Sunday 07.05 Otepää-Tartu Morning - Sprint Event, Qualification, Otepää
Afternoon - Sprint Event, Final, Tartu
Monday 08.05 Haanja Middle Distance Event, Qualification
Tuesday 09.05 Haanja Middle Distance Event, Final
Wednesday 10.05   Training, rest day
Thursday 11.05 Kääriku Long Distance Event, Qualification
Friday 12.05 Otepää Long Distance Event, Final,
Public event day 1, Ilves-3
Saturday 13.05 Otepää Relay Event,
Public event day 2, Ilves-3
Sunday 14.05 Otepää Closing of Event Centre in Pühajärve,
Public event day 3, Ilves-3
Monday 15.05 Otepää Departure

Public events

We offer public event on 12 - 14 May 2006. Please visit our website www.okilves.ee/ilves3.

Training Opportunities

The individual training can be organized on demand. Please contact (maps, controls, transportation and accommodation):

From 2004 it is possible to train on terrain similar to EuOC 2006.

Training maps

Map Year Name of the map Nearest settlement(s)
9847 1998 Vitipalu Elva
2003004 2003 Vitipalu-Uderna-Illi Elva
8531 1985 Ala-Looga Elva
9850 1998 Palu-Kirikuküla Otepää
9861 1998 Kirikuküla Otepää
2003029 2003 Vällamäe Haanja, Võru
2005013 2005 Mägestiku Otepää
2003005 2003 Madsa Otepää
0108 2001 Kirikuküla Otepää
0037 2001 Päidlapalu Otepää
9849 1998 Palu Otepää
9851 1998 Palu Otepää

Embargoed Areas

The following areas are embargoed.

Embargoed areas - Click on map for detail maps

All later and/or earlier maps from those areas are also embargoed.



Name of the map

Nearest settlement(s)





Kääriku, Sihva










Sihva, Kääriku




















Haanja, Võru







Otepää City and Tartu City – Toomemäe (Sprint courses)

Potential team members are allowed to visit the town of Otepää and Tartu as tourists. It is not allowed to do training sessions i.e. running/races through the city, testing route choices etc.


Competition Map scale Vertical contour interval
Qualification Sprint 1:5000 2.5 m
Final Sprint 1:5000 2.5 m
Qualification Middle distance 1:10000 2.5 m
Final Middle distance 1:10000 2.5 m
Qualification Long distance 1:15000 5 m
Final Long distance 1:15000 5 m
Relay 1:10000 5 m

Terrain description

Otepää and Tartu - Toomemägi. The sprint courses will mainly be in park like terrain with scattered buildings, and provide very good running. Sprint final is in hilly terrain.

Haanja. The vegetation is very varied: Open forest with tall beech, oak and spruce; Deciduous wood with occasional self-sown undergrowth; Areas with young coniferous and deciduous wood, barely passable, but with distinct vegetation boundary; and areas with mixed forest and indistinct vegetation boundaries. Furthermore there are areas with birch and tall grass. Visibility varies from good to poor. 

In the large marshes there are rush and grass, but hardly any stinging nettles. Running is generally easy, but visibility is often limited. 

Kääriku. The terrain is fairly hilly with height differences of up to 40 metres. The typical hill has a height difference of 10 to 20 metres. Part of the terrain is rather rich in contour details.

Vegetation is generally varied and influenced by intense forestry.

The vegetation varies between open forest with tall beech and spruce, deciduous wood with occasional self-sown undergrowth, areas with young coniferous and deciduous wood, barely passable, but with distinct vegetation boundary, and areas with mixed forest and indistinct vegetation boundaries. Visibility varies from good to poor. 

Otepää. The terrain is moderately to very hilly with height differences in the range of 30-50 metres. Contour details vary from very detailed to few details. A considerable number of small lakes and marches are found throughout the terrain. 

The forest is characterised by a rather dense network of forest roads, tracks and small paths. The eastern part of the forest is mainly deciduous forest with minimal logging and areas of self-sown beech forest. In this part the runnability is good in general. 

The central and western parts of the forest are characterised by mixed forest vegetation (coniferous and deciduous) and slower runnability due to undergrowth and in some area wind fallen logs. 

Visibility in the forest varies considerably. In logged areas and marches the under vegetation is dense. Some areas of the forest are allocated to grazing cattle, - runnability in these open areas is good. There are minor areas of heather hills.

Punching System

The punching system in all EOC 2006 competitions will be SPORTident. In case of need the SPORTident card 6 will be offered by the organizers (the fee is covered by entry fee). Please give number of rented SI-cards in the entry form.

Running times will be rounded down to whole tenths of a second only in sprint races. In other races, the running times will be rounded down to whole seconds. We will provide further details in Bulletin 3.

Competition rules

The competition will be organised in accordance with the IOF Competition Rules valid from 1 January 2004.

Classes and participation

There is one class for women and one class for men. There are no age restrictions.

A competitor may represent only one Federation during any one calendar year.

Competitors who are representing a Federation shall have full passport-holding citizenship of the country of that Federation.

Each participating Federation shall appoint a team manager to act as a contact person between the team and the organiser. It is the team manager’s duty to see that the team receives all necessary information.

Competitors participate at their own risk. Insurance against accidents shall be the responsibility of their Federation or themselves, according to national regulations.

All competitors represent a Federation. Each Federation may enter up to 6 women and 6 men in each individual competition.

Each Federation may enter up to 2 women’s and 2 men’s teams, each consisting of 3 competitors, in each Relay competition. A Federation may not enter more than 6 men and 6 women in the competition. Incomplete teams and teams with runners from more than one Federation are not allowed. Under no circumstances may persons other than entered competitors participate in the competition.

A competitor may not represent more than one Federation in one World Cup series of events.

In each individual competition, the competitors placed number 17 and better in each qualification race heat may run in the A-final; the remaining competitors run in the B-final. Competitors who start, but are not placed, in the qualification race may start before the qualified runners in the lowest ranked final of their class, but shall appear in the result list as not placed.

Estimated length of courses

Competition H21 D21
Qualification Sprint 2,5–2,8 km - 12 min. 2,2-2,5 km - 12 min.
Final Sprint 3,0-3,2 km - 15 min. 2,6-2,8 km - 15 min.
Qualification Middle distance 4,7-5,0 km - 25 min. 3,8-4,1 km - 25 min.
Final Middle distance 6,5-7,0 km - 35 min. 5,3-5,5 km - 35 min.
Qualification Long distance 9–9,5 km - 59 min. 6,2-6,7 km - 44 min.
Final Long distance 15,5–16 km - 90 min. 9,5–10,0 km - 70 min.
Relay 7-9 km - (3 legs 135 min.) 5-6 km - (3 legs 120 min.)


There are no restrictions for the clothing.

Whether and climate

In May the daytime temperature typically varies between 10 and 25 degrees Celsius. Occasional rain should be expected.

Anti doping

Let us keep our sport and the EOC 2006 free of doping! We, the organisers are fully committed to support the endeavours of the anti-doping authorities with highest priority. We will also keep the participants, through their member federations, informed about the current developments of the applicable anti-doping laws and regulations in Estonia.

Event centre

The Event Centre is at Pühajärve Spa Hotel, Pühajärve, 67406 Otepää Valgamaa. Team officials meetings will be held at the Event Centre.


Entry fee is 180EUR per competitors (the fee covers individual competitions and model events). Entry fee is 60EUR per relay team. Entry fee is 60EUR per officials (competitions and model events, maps, result).

The fee does NOT cover accommodation, food and transportation.

Participation in Banquet is free for competitors and officials.

Entry applications including reservation for accommodation for Federation teams (Registration Form - E1 is attached) shall reach the EOC 2006 office not later than 31 January 2006.


We offer an accommodation for competitors and team officials in Event centre Pühajärve Spa Hotel and nearest hotels as follows:

  • one person in double room 27EUR per night. Breakfast included.
  • all suite 88EUR per night (suitable for 3-4 persons). Breakfast included.
  • all suite with sauna 100EUR per night (suitable for 3-4 persons). Breakfast included

Lunch and Dinner are not included.

The reservations will be made on the FIRST COME - FIRST SERVE basis.

There are other low-price possibilities for accommodation in Otepää (B&B). Please contact the organizers.

It is possible to make reservation for lunch (buffet, 9EUR per person) and dinner (buffet, 9EUR per person) indicating on what day the meal(s) is (are) needed and the number of persons.


7 May buffet in accommodation places
8 and 9 May buffet in Haanja
10 May buffet in accommodation places
11 May buffet in Kääriku
12 and 13 May buffet in Otepää


6 May to 12 May buffet in accommodation places


All payments to EOC2006 have to be made to:

Hansapank, Liivalaia 8, 15040 Tallinn
Account name: OC Ilves
Account No. 2210 2530 0250
IBAN: EE55 2200 2210 2530 0250 OC ILVES

The sender must pay all banking charges at time of transfer. In addition, the sender is asked to ensure that an identifier (for example, your name, your team name) is included in the "information for beneficiary" section of the transfer form used by your bank. Please also ensure that the same identifier is included next to the signature on the completed Registration Form.

A non-refundable deposit of 20% of the accommodation cost must be paid together with the entry applications not later than by 31 January 2006. If the deposit is not received, accommodation bookings will not be made.

The final participation will only be confirmed if the balance payment has been received by 1 April 2006.


In the event of cancellation for any reason the organisers of EOC 2006 reserve the right to retain all or part of the entry fee to cover incurred costs.

Media Service

No special entry fee is requested from the media representatives. Telephone, personal computer and Internet access is provided in the Event Centre. Participation in the banquet is encouraged and is free.

Media representatives are requested to send a completed Registration Form - E2 to the Event Office in order to ensure that they are given appropriate accreditation. Accommodation can also be booked on receipt of the form and deposit.

Media representatives are kindly invited to contact Veiko Ulp (veiko@ sportnet.ee) at the EOC 2006 event office.

Extra Representatives of the Federations

Extra representatives of the federations are kindly invited to contact the EOC 2006 secretariat. Please send the filled Registration Form - E3 to the secretariat before 31 January 2006 to book accommodation through EOC 2006.


Nationals of the member states of EU and EEA do not need a visa (please see Visa Regulations). In addition there are countries whose holders of passports do not need a visa to enter Estonia for stays of no more than three months in a 6 month period (see section Who does not need a visa to visit Estonia?).

Please note that Nationals of the countries NOT LISTED in the mentioned section REQUIRE A VISA to enter Estonia.

Visas have to be applied for at Estonian Embassy or General Consulate (see list Estonian foreign representations).

NB! The organizers insist that before applying for a visa the representative of the team should contact with usbefore 31 January 2006 to ensure that all the documents (application,visa invitation etc.) and requirements are fulfilled.

The conditions of entry can change and all visitors are advised to check on the latest information from the local Estonian representative office, the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Estonian Citizenship and Migration Board or from their own Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Scheduled transportation provided by the organiser to and from all EOC events (opening ceremonies, banquet, races and model events). Price 33EUR per person. It is allowed to use own transportation for all events.

Public Event: Ilves-3

We offer a very attractive public 3-day orienteering event in the weekend of EOC 2006. For details see - http://www.okilves.ee/ilves3

Event Directors

Event Director: Margus Sarap (OK Ilves) margus.sarap@ mail.ee, +372 503 9025
Secretary: Meelike Pandis (OK Ilves) meelike.pandis@ ut.ee
Assistant and Financial Director: Arvo Kivikas (OK Ilves) arvo@ ilves.ee
Chief maper and head of course setting: Madis Oras (OK Ilves) madis@ ilves.ee
IT Director: Tarmo Klaar (OK Ilves) taksoft@ online.ee
Media Director: Veiko Ulp, veiko@ sportnet.ee

Important deadlines

31 January 2006

Entry applications including reservation for accommodation for Federation teams (Registration Form - E1).

A non-refundable deposit of 20% of the accommodation cost must be paid. If the deposit is not received, accommodation bookings will not be made.

February 2006

Bulletin 3 will be published

01 April 2006

The balance payment for accommodation must be paid together with entry fee.

06-14 May 2006

IOF World Cup and European Championships in Orienteering

Further Information

Web site:  www.okilves.ee/eoc2006, www.orienteerumine.ee/eoc2006
E-mail: eoc2006@ mail.ee

Bulletin 3 will be published on February 2006

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