Course 1-MN 16+ 7-9 km

b. on 1999 and earlier


Course 2-MN 14+ 5-6 km

b. on 2001 and earlier


Course 3-MN 12+ ca 4 km

b. on 2003 and earlier


Course 4-MN 12+ 2.5-3 km

b. on 2003 and earlier


Course 5-MN 10+ ca 2 km

b. on 2005 and earlier


*Course 6-MN 8 ca 1 km

b. on 2006 and later



Course 7-MN CPs are navigated in order that is freely chosen by the participant. Participation in teams is allowed. Retired and disqualified participants are automatically submitted in this course. NB! If several races are run on the same day, only the first result counts.

*Season’s winner is not calculated in Course 6.


Participation fee

·         Adults 2.5 EUR, students (MN21) and seniors (starting from N60 and M65) 1.5 EUR, school students and college/university students (MN20) 1 EUR.

·         Families of two adults and three or more school students (b. 1996-2006), fee 6.5 EUR;

Families of one adult and three or more school students (b. 1996-2006) fee 4 EUR.

·         Open course pre-schoolers participate free of charge.

·         Organizers may ask document to prove the right for discount.

·         Participants without personal SI-cards must rent one from the organizers for 1 EUR. Rent free for basic- and secondary school students of Tartu city and county.

·         If a participant loses a rented SI-card, (s)he needs to pay the organizers 28 EUR.

·         It is possible to purchase packets of participation tickets.

10-, 15- and 20-ticket packets are available until 07.04 2014. For purchasing, transfer the correct sum of money for the chosen packet to ILVES ORIENTEERUMISKLUBI account

NB! Packets are personal and the usage rights are not transmittable.



School students

with renting SI-card

Student / Senior

with renting SI-card


with renting SI-card

20 x

18 €

18 €

27 €

47 €

45 €

65 €

15 x

13.50 €

13.50 €

20 €

35 €

36 €

51 €

10 x

9 €

9 €

14 €

24 €

24 €

34 €

5 x

5 €

5 €

7.50 €

12.50 €

12.50 €

17.50 €


Collectives have the possibility to pay online if they order the bill before 07.04 2014.

*Paying online for at least 15 times (e.g. purchasing a 5-ticket packet three times), gives the right to participate the last Afternoon Foot-o Event for free (does not apply to discounted packets).

By purchasing participation ticket (map or participation packet) at the Tartu Afternoon Foot-o Event, the participant accepts the conditions in the event’s bulletin and that his/her result will be made public in the finish protocol and in the season’s result protocol on OK ILVES homepage. Participant’s first name, last name, Estonian Orienteering Federation’s code and club/collective will be made public. Additional personal data will be not made public.

NB! The 10-, 15- and 20-ticket packets are not valid in Tartu Championships in classic and relay orienteering!



·         Start is open in 17.00-19.00. NB! Starting from August, start is open 17.00-18.30.

·         Finish will be closed an hour after closing the start.

·         Time for entering the course can be chosen freely. Participant is responsible for his/her own medical condition.

·         Events held in April and May offer basic orienteering learning. Gathering for that starts at 18.00 near the organizer’s tent.


General information concerning the events

·         Mailing list of the Tartu orienteers: To join the list, send an e-mail from your e-mail address to For mail content, write „Subscribe or.tartu.“. Then, follow the reply mail’s guidelines. For more information, go

·         Kultuuriaken


·         Main organizer Tiina Oras (+372 505 6402)


Seasonal results

·         Sum of 14 best event points for juniors – N (until MN20 – born on 1994 and later), main class (MN21 – b. 1980-1993) and seniors – V (starting from MN35 – b. 1979 and earlier), VV (starting from MN55 – b. 1959 and earlier) on courses 3 and 4.

·         Points: 1st place 50p, 2nd place 40p, 3rd place 35p, 4th place 32p, 5th place 30p, and etc. 6th place 29p until 34th place 1p. In open course, one point per participation is given.

·         In courses 3 and 4, special season results are calculated for people born on 1959 and earlier – VV.

·         In course 6, season result is not calculated.

·         To correct the results, e-mail to



·         At the end of the season, in all classes the best by the seasonal results are awarded, keeping in mind that the participant must have attended  at least 12 events.

·         Participants, who have attended all events in the season, are also awarded.


·         City of Tartu’s culture department.

·         Tartu Maakonna Spordiliit (Tartu County’s Sporting Association)

·         Tartu Kultuurkapital



·         Tartu’s Orienteerumisneljapäevakud are organized by OK ILVES cooperating with Tartu’s orienteering enthusiasts.

·         Main organizer: Tiina Oras (tiina.oras @ +372 505 6402.

If something is left unexplained in the bulletin, please turn to the main organizer.

If anyone is interested in more extreme competitions, then we recommend the events organized by Seiklusklubi Xdeam (

Anyone interested in pairwise orienteering events organized in Tartu, Tallinn and (starting this year) Pärnu, information is found here:

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