XXXI Ilves-3 2018

4. May – 6. May 2018

Rõuge, Rõuge vald, Võrumaa



4. May: Middle Distance

5. May: Long Distance

6. May: Shortened Long Distance


Terrain Description

Rõuge is hilly terrain with a few sparsly connected roads. The runnability is quite good due to the low growth in the beginning of May. There are a lot of marsh and felled and open areas of various age. Forbidden areas : olive green homesteads (nr 520).




Start procedure

Individual start every day by previously randomly selected starting order. Three-minute prestart. Each runner’s SI-card gets checked checked three minutes before the start by the organizers. Two minutes before start competitors get control descriptions. Control descriptions are only for start 1 and 2. Transparent duct tape and scissors are provided by organisers. Organisers don’t provide assistance with attaching control descriptions. One minute before the start, competitors go to stand next to their class’ map-bucket. After start signal, the competitors may take their map and start their race. A marked trail goes from start to starting triangle. Passing the starting triangle is compulsory. Warm-up clothing left to starts are brought back to the event centre by the organizers


String course for children. On the string course, the competitors recieve the map one minute before start. There is an instructor in the start and also the parents/ accompaning persons are allowed are allowed to instruct the child. 5 minutes after the main start everyone is allowed to participate in the string course without stating order. Example: The last child with selected order starts 11.12. Start is open for everyone at 11.17-11.32.


Finish procedure

Time will be registered by punching the control on the finish line. Competitors who had to mechanically punch the controls, need to show these markings on their map to the organizers. People, who rented their SI-cards from the organizers, need to return these on the last day right after their results are read from the card at the finish line. Each competitor gets a paper with their SI-card results after leaving the finish area. Competitors who have quit their race, need to pass the finish line. If that is not possible, information desk in the event centre needs to be notified with the competiors name. All maps are gathered until the end of the starts.



Registration is open on the website until 30.04.2018. Registration will be opened in march.

MN 8, 10, 12, 14, 16, 18, 20                                      6 EUR / day

MN 60, 65, 70, M75, M80                                           10 EUR / day

MN 21E, 21A, 21B, 35, 40, 45, 50, 55                         15 EUR / day

Open course (without prior registration)                      10 EUR/ day

By registrering for all three days there is a 15% discount.

Punching System

SPORTIdent (SI) punching system is used in all classes. A SI-card can be rented for 1 EURO per day. If the rented SI-card is lost, a compensation fee of 30 EUROs has to be paid.

Changing of SI card number on the competition days is only possible for a fee of 2 euros in the information tent


There is a cafe in the event centre providing warm food.

Child care

A supervised kindergarten in the event centre.


Kids up to 10 years may enter the Minirace near the kindergarten.


Parking is free. Please comply to the instructions of the parking organiser.


There are showers with warm water in the event centre.


Ala-Rõuge külalistemaja: ,, +372 785 9236, +372 522 6384

Ööbikuoru Guest house:,, 5218784, 7859274´

Guesthouse of Rõuge Suurjärv:,, 78 59 273,  52 43 028

Eha Gueshouse:,, (+372) 504 8621

Koke Guesthouse:,, +372 506 1963,

Ööbikoru Villa:,, +372 50 99 666

Kanarbiku Guesthouse:,, 5695 6159 (Are) või 5804 8698 (Melita)


Ilves-3 2018 is organised by orienteering club Ilves.


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