29.06 - 01.07.2007

29.06 - 01.07.2007

Ilvesteade is a traditional midsummer 3-day orienteering-relay with different programs for main class, seniors and youth. The courses of the relay are of different lengths and levels.


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Mass start




Mass start




Mass start

Classes and entry fee for teams:


Entry fee(05.07.2006)


15,5EUR /1day = 45 EUR


12,5EUR /1day = 36 EUR


15,5EUR /1day = 45 EUR


15,5EUR /1day = 45 EUR


12,5EUR /1day = 36 EUR


15,5EUR /1day = 45 EUR


5,5EUR /1day = 15 EUR


15,5EUR /1day = 45 EUR

3 leg relay for men and women teams. Each team may have one substitute member. Groups on the same courses: D21, D21jun (born 1989 or later), D21vet (born 1972 or before); H21, H21 jun (born 1989 or later), H21vet (born 1972 or before).
There are two different type of legs - one leg is shorter and easier.

Senior Ilves
3 leg relay for HD50+ mixed teams:

Youth Ilves
3 leg relay for HD 10-14 mixed teams:

There are three different level courses in Youth Ilves.

Competition for the children up to 10 years old on marked distance on the second competition day (registration at the time of Ilvesteade).

Open course
Possibility to run in the individual open course. Free start between given time. Registration on site. Entry fee 4 Euros.


Friday, June 29
13.00-15.00 Materials are given out; registration of the starting order of the legs.
Organizers can impose sanctions in case of unpunctuality in registration of the starting order of the legs.
15.45 Opening of the start area for the competitors of the 1st leg of Ilvesteade, Youth Ilves and Senior Ilves
16.00 Mass start of the Ilvesteade, Youth Ilves and Senior Ilves
16.00-18.00 start for open course
18.00 Winner at finish
16.00-19.00 Registration of start orders for next day of Ilvesteade. Registration for Mini Ilves.
18.20 Mass start for not started 2nd and 3rd legs
18.30 Maps are distributed
20.15 Finish is closed

Saturday, June 30 and Sunday, July 1
10.00 Registration of the starting order of the legs. Please announce starting order already on previous day if possible
10.45 Opening of the start area for the competitors of the 1st leg of Ilvesteade, Youth Ilves and Senior Ilves
11.00 Mass start of the Ilvesteade, Youth Ilves and Senior Ilves
12.00-13.30 Open course start
13.00 Winner at finish
13.20 Mass start for not started 2nd and 3rd legs
13.30 Maps are given out
15.15 Finish is closed

Mass start of the Mini-Ilves on Saturday June 30, at 10.30.

Entertaining evening in campsite on Saturday, June 30.
Prize giving ceremony on Sunday July, the 1st  at 14.30.


Until June 20, 2007through internet (www.okilves.ee/ilvesteade) accompanied by bank transfer: OK Ilves bank account No. 1120086880 Estonian Hansabank SWIFT HABA EE2X.

Deadline for compleat names and SI-cards is June 28, 2007 (00:00).


Maps scales are 1:10000, interval for altitude lines is 2,5m. Mappers: Madis Oras, Avo Veermäe, Arvo Kivikas, Kalle Kalm. Previous map 2002032

The forest is characterised by a rather dense network of forest tracks . Runnability varies from medium to very good. Lots of different aged coppice and thickets. The terrain is moderately hilly with height differences in the range of 40metres.


The SPORTIDENT electronic punching system will be used. Each team must have at least two SI-cards. The same card may be used by the 1st and 3rd leg. The order of SI-cards has to be the same every day. Rent of a SI-card is 5 EUR/ 3 day. SI is used also in Mini-Ilves and open courses. In case of losing rented SI-card participant must compensate the cost of 30 EUR (55 EUR in case of 6th generation SI-card).

start. The start area will be opened for the competitors of the 1st leg 15 minutes before the start. The competitors must clear and check the SI-card in the start area. Both actions are confirmed by a visible / or audible signal will be given. In emergency the new SI-card will be given by the officials. Rent of the SI-card is 20 EEK per day. The competitors of the 1st leg must be in the start area at least 5 minutes before the start, the competitors of the 2nd and 3rd leg should enter the start area with enough time to clear and check the SI-card. The competitors must pass K-control after they start. Starting with the wrong SI-card will result in disqualification.

Punching at the controls, by placing the SI-card into the hole on top of the control unit, the competitor will get a confirming visible and/or audible signal from the electronic control unit confirming the registration. The competitor is responsible for punching at the correct control. If the punch did not register the competitor must use the manual punch in the R-boxes on the map, R1, R2, R3 or into the edge of the map on lack of the reserve boxes. A lost SI-card will result in disqualification.

The leg finish-punching will be done at the finish line. After the finish punch the information from the SI-card will be read out. Those competitors who have used a manual punch must inform the finish officials. The rented SI-cards must be returned to a finish official as soon as they have been emptied on the last competition day. The list of split times will be given to each competitor. Competitors are responsible for checking that the SI-card is correctly emptied.

People who retires must go through the finish or inform the finish officials.

Control time. A team gets a result if all members of the team finish before the closing of finish. The results of the competitors of the 2nd and 3rd legs started from mass start will be added to the result of the team.

Results. Each competitor gets a result list with the finish and split times, leaving finish area. Provisional results will be displayed in the event centre during the competition. The official results will be presented on the next day, the official results of the 3rd day will be available at the end of the competition. The official results will be published on the OC Ilves home page http://www.okilves.ee/ilvesteade.

All competitors must wear the official numbers at the start. Numbers will be available at the event centre. In case of need, a new number bib may be obtained for 10 EEK.

If in any team run more than 4 members during Ilvesteade then the team will be disqualified.
A competitor can run in several teams (in the basis of substitute member).
A competitor cannot run more than one leg per day.
The competitors who have participated in several rewarded teams will be awarded a prize only by the best result.

Buffet and shower
The buffet is available in the competition centre every day.
There are showers at the event centre with warm water.


Tent camp near to Hargla schoolhouse
Hotel: Kubija, Võrumaa  http://www.kubija.ee/


OC Ilves
e-mail : ok.ilves@mail.ee
homepage : http://www.okilves.ee

Noored Ilvesed http://www.zone.ee/nooredilvesed
Event Director: Elo Saue, elo9(at)hot.ee, +3725107705