Loosi-Obinitsa, Southern Estonia

July 4-6, 2008


OC Ilves welcomes you in the 30th traditional midsummer 3-day orienteering-relay in the best terrains of South-Estonia. In the jubilee-Ilvesteade, there will be a novelty – great mass start in the first competition day, for all legs together. The result of the day results by summation of the times of three legs.

On the main courses, there are also junior (N21Jun, M21Jun) and senior (N21Vet, M21Vet) groups separately accounted. Besides the main competition, there are Youth Ilves (NM10-14), Senior Ilves (NM51+) and Mini-Ilves competitions.





July 04, 2008


Mass start for three legs simultaneously

July 05, 2008


Mass start

July 06, 2008


Mass start


Groups and entry fees for teams




240 EEK/ day = 720kr  (48 EUR)


180 EEK/ day = 540kr (36 EUR)


240 EEK/ day = 720kr (48 EUR)


240 EEK/ day = 720kr (48 EÙR)


180 EEK/ day = 540kr (36 EUR)


240 EEK/ day = 720kr (48 EUR)


 90 EEK/ day = 270kr  (18 EUR)


240 EEK/ day = 720kr (48 EUR)

N-Women, M-Men

3 leg relay for men and women teams. Each team may have one substitute member. Groups on the same courses: N21, N21jun (born 1990 or later), N21vet (born 1972 or before); M21, M21 jun (born 1989 or later), M21vet (born 1973 or before).
The legs have different lengths.

Senior Ilves
3 leg relay for NM50+ mixed teams:

Youth Ilves
3 leg relay for NM 10-14 mixed teams:

The courses in Youth Ilves have different levels.


Competition for the children up to 10 years old on a marked distance, mass start is on Saturday July 6th, at 10.30. Participation is free; registration on site.

Open course
Open courses are every day. Entry fee on pre registration to e-mail is 70 EEK per day (50 EEK for MN18), entry fee at event is 85 EEK (50EEK for MN18 or younger). Entry fee has to be paid at the competition office before start.

Punching system

The SPORTident electronic punching system will be used. Each team must have three SI-cards. Rent of SI-card is 25 EEK per day (5 EUR/ 3 days). SI is used also in Mini-Ilves and open courses. In case of losing rented SI-card, the compensation charge is 450 EEK (30 EUR).


Maps and terrain

Loosi: Map scale 1:10000, contour interval 5 m. Mappers: Kalle Kalm, Madis Oras.

Previous map: No.9231. Database of Estonian o-maps:

Terrain: Sandy pine grove with variable landforms. Generally, runnability from good to very good. Dense network of tracks and paths; small marshes. Height differences up to 60 m.


Obinitsa: Map scale 1:10000, contour interval 5 m. Mappers: Madis Oras, Toomas Ellervee. Previous map: No.9845.

Terrain: Primeval valley of river Piusa and it’s small tributary, sandy pine grove. Typical spur-gully landforms formed by erosion. A part of the terrain is a flat plateau on top of the valley banks. Almost no marshes. Runnability from good to very good. Dense network of tracks and paths. Height differences up to 45 m.


Deadline for online registration accompanied by bank transfer is June 25, 2008. Registration is proceeded via internet:


IBAN: EE302200001120086880
Rent of SI-card: 25 EEK per day; 75 EEK (5 EUR) for 3-day competition.

Deadline for complete names and numbers of SI-cards is July 03, 2008 (00:00).


The deadline of registration for the competitors who need entry visa (Russia, Ukraine etc) is May 20, 2008. OC Ilves will submit visa invitations from the Estonian Citizenship and Migration Board for confirmation; after that it is available to apply entry visa in Estonian embassy abroad.

Especially welcome are previous winners of Ilvesteade (HD21). Members of former winner-teams can participate free regardless their current club and age group. Thus, the team will get discount in amount of 1/3 of entry fee for every former winner participating in the team.


OC Ilves will book the hotel/ hostel accommodation by the request: deadline is June 10, 2008.

Accommodation in Estonia:  

Võru Tourist Information Office tel +3727821881

Camping in own tents is available.

Hotel Kubija, Võrumaa

Tabina Rest House tel +3725090143

Home-accommodation at Puusepp-family in Tabina village tel +3725052339

Piusa Resthouse tel +372 52 89134

Guesthouse Hermes in Võru tel +372 78 21326



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