54th Jüriöö Orienteering Relay


Time and place: Saturday, 20 April 2013 Elva.

Secretariat: Elva School (Tartu mnt 3)

Event Center: Elva song festival grounds



18.00 secretariat is open

18.00 – 20.00 training course is open

20.00 start of procession

20.30 opening ceremony

21.30 mass start for the 1st leg

00.00 estimated finish time for course II winner

01.00 estimated finish time for Main Course winner

01.00-02.30 prize-giving ceremony, ceremony will be separately for each group, ca 10 minutes after the 3rd place has finished


Participants: The competition is open to an unlimited number of teams from the same organisation. Competitors under 14 years (born 2000 and later) are allowed to the competition with the written consent from a parent or a coach. Teams of EOL members must consist of the same club runners.


Courses and groups:

I - Main Course: a five-leg relay, 5 runners in a team, at least 2 women. Mandatory sequence running M-N-M-N-M.

Results are provided in the following classes:

Main group: All teams registered for the main course;

Youth: Runners’ upper age limit is 18 years (born 1995 or later);

Masters: Team members total age must be at least 220 years. A single member’s lower age limit is 40 years (born 1973 or earlier). The total age calculatioan is based on the year of the birth.


II Course (amateurs): a three-leg relay, 3 in a team, at least 1 woman. Mandatory sequence running M-N-M. Amateur course has the same tracks as the Main course’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd leg.


Length of distancies (approximately):

1,3 leg      7,2/19KP

2,4 leg      5,9/15KP

5 leg         9,4/23KP


Terrain: Competition terrain shall offer a mix of townstreets, parks and forests with various roads, paths and tracks. Runnability and visibility in the forest varies from good to very good. Few marshes are avoidable. Length difference on map is 25m, max slope is 20m.

Dangerous areas: Lakes, ponds, watercourses. Roads!

Prohibited areas: Houses, gardens and other built up areas (symbol 527).


Map: The scale 1:10 000, contour interval 2,5 m. Map is from autumn 2012, corrections from spring 2013. Mapper Kalle Kalm. Previous maps 20070742007075.


Punching system: Electronic punching system SPORTident is used.


Competition rules: Jüriöö is a relay, where each runner is allowed to pass only one leg. Start will be closed 30 minutes after the winner of the main course has finised. Mass start for all the runners, who have not started yet (including members of disqualified teams), will be given 5 min after the start is closed. Finish will be closed after 2 hours after mass start.


Prizes: The grand prize is trophy „Kalevipoeg kivi viskamas“. If a foreign team wins, the grand prize will be deposited for the next Jüriöö. In the main group, first three teams will be awarded. Winners of youth and masters teams will be awarded, as well as the best amateur team. Special prizes will be awarded for the winners of each leg.



Deadline for online (https://www.osport.ee/EventDetails.aspx?EventID=412) registration accompanied by bank transfer is April 15th, 2013. While filling out the registration form, you have to fill out the order of the runners names. Every team has to have as many SI-cards as many runners they have in the team (one SI-card per member). SI-card rent is 1€ per card.


Entry fee:

Main group (incl veterans) 45 €/team

Youth 15 €/team

Amateurs 27 €/team


Entry fee must be paid by April 15, 2013 to: Swedbank, Liivalaia 8, Tallinn 1540,


IBAN: EE302200001120086880,



All bank charges must be paid by payer.



Dressing and showers are in Elva School


Additional information appears in organizer's website: http://www.okilves.ee/voist/jurioo.



Organised by: Estonian Sports Federation Jõud, Estonian Orienteering Federation, OK Ilves.

Organizer: Margus Sarap

Course Master: Kalle Kalm

Secretariat: Meelike Pandis

IT: Tarmo Klaar

EOL Advisor and Chairman of the Jury: Sixten Sild, OK Võru